Settling in & Other Things

It’s been nearly a week since I arrived in my new home of Taebaek, South Korea. If this week has been any indication of the next year or two I spend here, there are happy days ahead!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m teaching grade five English at Hwanji Elementary School. Being the largest school in town, it is home to not just one, but three Native English Teachers. Coming from a very small elementary school myself (less than 200!), I will admit this school is a tad overwhelming for me. With multiple buildings, hundreds of students, and a language I can’t yet speak or understand, I am in full-attention mode at all times here! This being said, it has so far been a great experience and the teachers and students here are wonderfully kind and helpful. It is so warming to hear excitement in the voices of students calling “Maggie teacher! Hello!”

My wonderful co-teachers, Jury and SJ, out for a dinner for all the teachers.

Turf in the school yard! Way nicer even than my high school!

Outside my school life, I’ve been very busy! This week has been packed with welcome dinners, meet-and-greets, board games–if you haven’t played Castle Panic before, get on it!–and tuek gong (martial arts) and even a little exploring despite the persistent rain. Although many complaints have floated around this week due to the weather, I feel right at home with the wet sidewalks and strong gusts of wind. Just like Nova Scotia!

Castle Panic all laid out!

New foreign teacher friends.

Since I don’t mind the rain, I took Sunday as an opportunity to explore Taebaek a little. I found my way walking down the mainstreet…and then onto a hiking trail. I’ve been told this is typical of Korea, and I’m not complaining! Little makes me happier than immersing myself in lush green trees, especially when it is so accessible! Under a fresh layer of rain, everything living became vibrant and beautiful while the concrete behind me disappeared into the overcast sky. I spotted my first hint of wildlife as well–a crane pausing for a dip in the river.

Also a quick note: if you’re interested in seeing my Korean adventures at the most awkward time of my life, visit my old blog 28 Days in Korea at Also please follow my instagram maggieaedwards

Ultra-low quality photo of the crane.

Little farm across the bridge.

Mountain path.

Misty mountains.

Misty mountains pt 2.

After my very first Tuekgong class!

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