Ladies Weekend in Seoul

A week into living in Taebaek, and I’m already getting out of here! Okay, so I actually love Taebaek, but I took the weekend as an opportunity to spend some time exploring Seoul once again, six years later. It was a wonderful weekend of failed clubbing, dodging creepy soldiers, classy drinks outside the convenience store, tasty eats and grumpy wake-ups.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this trip was visiting the Studio Ghibli store, home of a giant Totoro and life-size Catbus. We ran around like children holding up cute iterations of Totoro and other Ghibl creations, in the form of towels, stationary, puppets, toys, kitchenware, and more. Though incredibly tempting to purchase the contents of the store, I settled for a little Totoro finger-puppet that would not break the bank. It was clearly a necessary purchase.

My Neighbour Totoro!

Studio Ghibli store

So weird to see animation interpreted in the real world!



If you know anything about me, then you’ll know my other favourite part of this excursion was the food. No trip to Seoul would be complete without green tea bingsoo. Once… or twice.

Albino Dino cooling off with some bingsoo.

I guess we’re a little excited about it.

Delicious (and massive) lunch.

Bibimbap from a department store food court… but so good!

We attempted to go to a club on Saturday night, called the Octagon. When we headed over, we found that cover was 30,000 won, about $30 Canadian. We decided against the price and headed instead for food. In the end, we were all happy with the decision–it was some of the best Korean BBQ I’ve had and they even gave us some free dishes!

They cooked our food for us! Typically they give you the meat and you cook it yourself.

The restaurant so kindly shows us the little piggy faces before we eat them!

Rockin’ bibs to keep our nice outfits clean!

Before our BBQ eats, we enjoyed some drinks outside the CU convenience store. In Korea, you can purchase alcohol in a convenience store, and then enjoy it right outside. They’ll often have a seating area for it too!


Our classiness would not be complete without chips!

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