We the Cave People

Today one of my EPIK orientation friends, Luc, came to visit from Jeongseon, about 30 minutes away from Taebaek. We decided to connect to our ancestors by becoming cave people for the day.

Yongyeon Cave is located just 15 minutes outside my city of Taebaek. Wanting to get there quickly, we took a cab and arrived at a little rest-stop-like place. We paid for our tickets after some communication challenges, then were told to hop into a random van that pulled up. We joked about stepping into our murder vehicle, but in truth had no idea what was going on. Shortly after, we were (safely) dropped off in front of the cave entrance, where we sported some pretty cool looking hard-hats.

The cave was quite expansive, towering above our heads at most points. There were a few spots where we had to crouch down like Igor, as Luc put it, but for the most part we walked upright with rock ceiling far above us.


This section of the cave had everything “dragon” themed.


Light-up water fountain in the middle of the cave?

Many of these rock formations were created beside the fountain–as far as I remember from my last trip to Korea they are meant to commemorate the dead.

Rather phallic-looking stalagmite.


Pile of rocks which I’m sure has an important significant, I just don’t know what.

Things getting a little smaller…

Cool formations!

So cool!

Cave claw!

This had a sign on it claiming it was a Virgin Mary statue??? Maybe Mary with too many Dunkin’ Donuts.

Crouching tiger.

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