Chuesok Adventures: Part Two

With tired legs and sore feet, I imagined the second day of my Chuseok adventures in Jirisan National Park would be a little more relaxed. I met up with some friends from orientation, and we ended up walking even more than the day before! 20 kilometres of hiking took us through the quaint town of Gurye and to a number of temples on Jirisan. I revisited Hwaeomsa, this time a little more rested, and caught some better pictures.

Gate to Hwaesoma Temple.

Frog on the hiking trail!

Pagoda at Hwaesoma

Monk ringing the bell at Hwaesoma.



Elizabeth at another temple–unfortunately can’t remember the name!

After a long day of trekking from temple to temple, we returned to town starving. We debated for a few minutes about what to get, and settled on a delicious mushroom stew with plenty of Banchan (Korean side dishes). There had to have been at least 5 different types of mushroom in the spicy dish. We demolished the whole meal in no time and left feeling full and renewed. (I still got ice-cream after–it was necessary).

The town of Gurye is a beautiful landscape of bright yellow rice fields and mountains fading into the distance. We enjoyed strolling around the town, but definitely got some weird looks from the locals that I suppose don’t typically see foreigners walking around the country roads. By the evening, we were completely exhausted and settled in early.

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