Chuseok Adventures: Part Three

After two long days of hiking and exploring, the third day of Chuseok was the perfect combination of relaxing and further adventures. We started the day early at Jirisan Spa Land, where we lounged in the saunas at the Jimjilbang, renewed our aching muscles in healing hot springs, and scrubbed the day off at the public baths. Probably the most entertaining part of the day was when women would walk into the (nudey) saunas to see three foreigners, and then promptly and blatantly leave. Who knew three short girls could be so intimidating?

Words to live by.

On the bus to Spa Land!

Delicious lunch after the Spa.

After a morning at the spa, we decided to head up the mountain in search of a traditional village shown on our tourist map. We estimated it was about a 40 minute walk, and saw no taxis. As we set out, it started pouring rain but we didn’t let that slow us down. Not long in, a main in an old pick-up truck pulled off the road and asked us where we were headed. I pointed on the map and he said hop on in (in Korean, but the meaning was not lost) so we took the ride. He dropped us off in the middle of a little village that provided no indication it was in fact the traditional village we sought after. We decided to walk along the road and see where it lead.

Eventually, we were lead up to a beautiful guesthouse run by a kind man called Mr. Park. He explained to us that the traditional village of Sandong was made up of three sections, each of which he pointed out below us. After some pictures and a long talk with Mr. Park, he drove us back down to the bus stop and we headed home. But before that, he explained the importance of the Sansuyou fruit and sent us off with a gift package containing treats made out of it. The red fruits are famous in the area and come after yellow blossoms take over the village. Needless to say, I have plans to return!

Pagoda along our walk.

View on our walk.

Walking around the village!

Mr. Kang’s beautiful guesthouse!

View from the guesthouse.

View from the guesthouse.

Alice with the giftbox from Mr. Kang.

Mr. Kang.

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