I’ve lived in Taebaek, South Korea for almost three months now. I chose this location specifically for its rural, mountainous landscape that offers plenty of hiking and other outdoor activities. That being said, it was only this weekend that I finally made it out to Taebaeksan, a famous mountain range and National Park, for an afternoon hike.

After hiking around some other areas in Taebaek, I expected it to be an easy hike. However, the combination of a hardcore night of gymnastics at Tuekgong friday night, and a challenging incline left me breathless and with burning thighs most of the hike!

It was 100% worth all the challenge though. When we made it to the top, we were greeted with a breathtaking 360 degree view of the Taebaek mountain range. There was a small stone shelter at the top where two people were presenting offerings and chanting to Buddha.

Little farming spot near the top of the mountain.

Spring water.

Snow on the way up! Can’t wait to see some more in the city 😀

Offerings and prayer.

Falling over in the wind!

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