Snuggles at the Dog Cafe in Seoul

With house pets being a relatively uncommon (but growing) part of life in Korea, its no wonder that there are animal cafes with plenty of fluffy-four-legged buddies available for snuggles all over the country. Cat and dog cafes are particularly popular, but there are even sheep and raccoon cafes!

I miss my own pets (Chloe the cat, Kenobi the jedi dog) dearly so I’ve been meaning to hit up one of these cafes since I arrived in Korea. Elizabeth and I were enjoying a walk through the snow when we stumbled on one in Hongdae.

For just 8.500 won (about $8.50) we got a fancy drink and seemingly unlimited time with the dogs. We spent close to three hours in there chasing dogs, taking pictures, and hunting down the little white pomeranian that no one wanted to put down.

Overall it was a wonderful experience for us, though I do feel sad for the dogs. Their general health seemed low. Some of the dogs, even puppies, were very lethargic and their coats didn’t have the same healthy shine as a well-fed and cared for pup. They seemed to receive massive amounts of treats, but were generally very skinny–even too skinny. Of course I don’t know the full story–perhaps some of these are rescue dogs that are being rehabilitated.

This guy reminds me of the dog from the Little Mermaid.

Pancake dog!

My favourite dog! Love huskies.


The famous little pomeranian!

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