Obsessed with…Poop?

Enjoying some craptastic coffee!

This weekend I finally had a chance to visit the “Poop Cafe” in Seoul, known to Koreans as 도옹까페 (pronounced Ddong Coppee). The place is cleverly decorated with all sorts of poo-paraphernalia, from a turd tree, to crappy doodles, and my personal favourite–toilet planters. These are actual Korean-style squatty potties filled with soil and succulents.

Outside the cafe.

Inside the cafe..

Tree in squatty potty.

The cafe offers all the typical drinks–cappucinos, americanos, tea, shakes–but more importantly they’re served in shitty mugs. And by shitty, I mean awesome. There is also a number of food options that get served up in toilets.

Visiting this cafe made me interested in learning a little more about the whole “poop culture” in Korea. It’s not uncommon to see smiling poop faces looking back at you in the store, or to have students name their teams in class “team poop” or “cool poop.” 

Supposedly, poop symbolizes good fortune in Korea. Dreams about dropping a load are interpreted positively, and indicate impending good fortune. So poop = prosperity. More obvious though, is the general trend of cutesy poop inspired every-day items, like stuffed piles of dung, socks, sparkly keychains, and all sorts of stationary, typically adorned with a smiling, wide-eyed turd, just like the beloved emoji.

If you’re interested in getting a taste of poop culture in Korea, I would definitely recommend giving the Poop Cafe a sniff. Located in Ssamchi-gil Market, a four-storey collection of crafts, treats, trinkets, and other goodies, the cafe is in the heart of a lively little nook of Seoul. The market has a few other poop themed stops, including what seemed to be a little interactive poop museum.

To get there, take the subway to Anguk station and get off at exit 6. Walk straight for about 100m until you see a GS25, turn left and continue for another 100m until you see the market entrance on the left.

Jim Carrey vibes.

View of the market.

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