Best Online Resources for Waygookins

It’s hard to imagine living abroad without the internet. From keeping in touch with freinds and family to reading about life and culture in Korea, the internet is one of the most important things in my life. With translation apps, online support groups, blogs, and facebook groups, living in a foreign country can be almost as easy as living at home.

In attempt to help others transition to living abroad, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best resources across the web for foriegners, specifically English teachers, in Korea.

General Information

  • EPIK e-press is a website that compiles blogs, videos, and photos by EPIK teachers in a wide range of topics like food, cooking, beauty, travel, culture, and teaching.
  • Every Expat in Korea is a facebook group with nearly 30,000 members that offers support, answers to questions about living in Korea, information about events and place, and a ton of compiled resources in the files section.
  • Expat Women in Korea is similar to Every Expat, but focuses specifically on the female experience in Korea. The files section in this group is also packed with more resources lists, like doctors, dentists, etc.
  • Korea for Expats is a fantastic website with information about everything related to expat life in Korea.
  • Epik epress is a collection of epik teacher blogs that cover a range of topics from travel and beauty to food and teaching.


Getting Around in Korea

  • Bustago is a great site for planning bus routes. While a quick google search will often reveal bus times between cities in Korea, Bustago has the most comprehensive information. That being said, local bus terminals will often have even more times and routes posted that aren’t on the website.
  • Korail is the english website for train times and routes in Korea. You can book tickets ahead or just check for times.
  • Subway Korea is a must-have app, whether you live near a subway or not. It has an interactive map  that will plan your route, estimate time, and allows you to add as many stops as you need.
  • Kakao Taxi is also a fantastic app for getting around. Similar to Uber, it allows you to get a taxi without having to call or wait for one to pass. Unfortunately it’s only in Korean, but here’s a fantastic guide by 10 Magazine that can help you navigate the app if you can’t read Korean.


Language learning and Translation Apps

Check out my post about these apps here!



  • Waygook is easily my most visited site on this list. It provides English teaching resources related to each textbook and grade in the country. There are also non-text book based lessons, and tons of information about life in Korea in general.
  • LOFT, or Legal Office for Foreign Teachers is a really important resource to have on hand in case you run into any issues with your teaching contract. Members can provide advice and additional resources should you run into any issues of the legal nature.



  • Gmarket is my personal favourite one-stop online shop because it has fantastic deals, fast shipping, and most importantly, it’s all in English.
  • iHerb is my go-to online store for foreign and health foods. The prices are reasonable and they offer free shipping to Korea on orders over $40 USD.



  • Cine in Korea is a website that compiles info about movie theatres and move times across the country.


For pretty much anything beyond what’s listed here, the Waygook Forums are a good place to look for answers about anything in Korea. Whether it’s through looking up previous forums or starting your own, you’ll likely find the information you need in a timely manner.

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