Laser-Eye Consult at Dream Eye Clinic

I got my first pair of glasses when I was eight years old. I was the only kid in class that had to don the goofy frames to get through the day, and I hated it. It wasn’t just the way they looked either. I’ve always been very active and glasses have never quite suited my lifestyle.

It only took three years for me to get fed-up with the stupid things flying off my face when I played sports to switch to contacts. Though I was just eleven, I started wearing contacts full-time. Unfortunately, this took a toll on my eyes after a few years and by high school I was only allowed to wear contacts for sports to protect my eyes from the repeated infections and constant dryness.

Now that I’m old enough, and conveniently in the capital of laser-eye surgery, the time has come to ditch glasses and contacts for good. I went for my consultation at Dream Eye Clinic in Gangnam recently, and I am absolutely sold.


At about 1.5 million KRW around $1,600 CAD), I’ll have my vision fixed for life. Based on the cost of glasses and contacts in Canada, this will pay off in only a few years! I’ve paid upwards of $500 CAD for glasses, just to get basic frames with a few upgrades like anti-scratch lenses. With contact lenses and changing perscriptions added to the mix, that’s a lot of money over a few years.

The consulation was intensive, but reassuring. It took about an hour and a half, with most of that time being used effectively  with little waiting. I went in thinking they would run a few quick tests and ask me about my medical history. Instead, I was whizzed through at least fifteen different machines and tests that measured the thickness of my cornea, dryness, risks for eye diseases, and general vision.

The staff at Dream Eye were fantastic. They communicated efficiently in English and explained everything that was happening with each test. Although a few of the tests were uncomfortable with direct contact on the cornea, they were completely painless as they used numbing drops beforehand.

After about 45 minutes of tests, we met the doctor that would be doing our surgery. He spoke sufficient English, check over our examination results, and asked us questions about our lifestyle to determine the best surgery for us. Although I am eligible for both Lasik and Lasek, I opted for the latter as it’s safer for individuals that do a lot of high-impact and contact sports.

Following the consultation with the doctor, a representative took us through the differences between surgeries, day-of events, and follow-up steps. She answered our questions and made us feel comfortable and well-looked after.

I was sold on laser-eye surgery before I went, but am even more sure now. I look forward to the day (hopefully very soon) when I can wake up with perfect vision and say goodbye to the need for glasses and contacts.


*This post is not sponsored. I am providing my own, unfiltered opinion based on my own experience.*

One thought on “Laser-Eye Consult at Dream Eye Clinic

  1. […] My move to Korea however, posed the perfect opportunity to get the procedure done; I’m finally making a decent wage, and the procedure is very affordable and trusted here in Korea. We chose Dream Eye Clinic in Gangnam as they provide great English service and there were loads of great reviews online. For more information about the initial consultation check out this post. […]


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