LASEK Surgery: 1 month later

A few weeks ago, I wrote two-week post LASEK laser eye surgery post. It highlighted some of the worst moments post-surgery, as well as how fast and painless the actual procedure was. It detailed the overall roller coaster that the first two weeks after the surgery brought. Of course, getting a nasty head cold didn’t help the process, but overall I found it totally worth it to get where I am a month later.

During my consultation at Dream Eye Centre in Gangnam, Seoul, I was told after one month I’d be back to my normal life. I could expect perfect vision, no more halos around lights at night, and no pain. This sounded fantastic!

Unfortunately, the clinic is a little misleading. While its true my life is back to normal, minus the glasses, the one month mark isn’t quite honest. My vision still gets a bit blurry (though completely functional still) when I use the computer too long or let them get to dry. And the halo effect is definitely still there, though it is much improved.

Of course, this lead me to panic a bit. Why aren’t my eyes getting better? Is it normal to have trouble reading up close after 2 weeks? Why am I still waking up at night with painfully dry eyes?

Only a few quick google searches revealed that websites not run by laser-eye clinics give a much longer timeline for all of this recovery–a timeline of 6-12 months.

Not that this timeline would have changed my decision at all. It just would have been nice to know what to expect so I didn’t start panicking. Kind of like how I worried about the more intense pain I felt than expected the first few days after surgery. Now that I know it’s totally normal to have a bit of blurriness or halos for another few months, I can sleep easy.

Besides those few little inconveniences, my vision is the best it’s ever been (even when my eyes get dry or tired), and I’m loving not having to worry about putting contacts in every time I want to be active. It’s also fantastic that I can finally wear sunglasses outside! (And actually have to for the next 3-6 months to protect my eyes from UV light).

I still do wear glasses part time though. I found out you can get unprescribed, clear lenses that provide both UV and blue light protection. Which means your eyes don’t experience quite as much strain when using devices like computers and smartphones, and I’m protected if I step outside for a minute. The glasses are affordable at just $90 including new frames, and my eyes feel much better by the end of the day. I would 100% recommend these for anyone who uses a computer most of the day, even if they haven’t had LASEK.


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