Hong Kong

Known for it’s high population density, towering buildings, and blend of eastern and western culture, Hong Kong packs a lot of must-sees and must-dos for any traveller. For this traveler, the couple of hours I had to explore the city weren’t nearly enough to enjoy what the city has to offer.

It wasn’t even our plan to go to Hong Kong, but enroute to Thailand, the best flight we could find had a twenty-four hour layover there. Although an obstacle for many travelers, the extreme layover was a great opportunity for us. Luc’s best friend lives in the city, giving him a chance to catch up after over a year apart.

We arrived in Hong Kong late at night, and with the guys catching up, our night extended much later than we expected. The next morning was slow going, so we really only had a few hours to explore the city before we had to head back to the airport. This limited us mostly to strolling through the streets at our own leisure, as most of the tours conflicted with our timeline.

To get a good glimpse of what Hong Kong has to offer, we headed to the Central-Mid-Levels Escalator, the longest outdoor escalator in the world. Really a series of escalators, this attraction takes pedestrians through busy streets peppered with markets side streets, cool cafes, local restaurants, and shops.


We found ourselves stepping off the escalator at nearly every interval as something new caught our eye like the little markets, or colourful street art. The street art was a surprise, as I wasn’t expecting to see so much splashing colour on the otherwise grey atmosphere.


Of course, no trip, however short, would be complete without a good sampling of food. We stopped by an industrial style, cozy cafe where I tried my first golden turmeric latte… and damn this thing was good. And a delightful almond croissant to top it off.


The trip to Hong Kong may have been short, but it was also sweet. The taste I had was certainly enough to wet my appetite for more Hong Kong. I hope to return in the future so I can check out some of the famous sights, like Victoria Harbour and the Peak Tram.

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